Sell A Business

The decision to sell a business is often a difficult one because of the profound personal and financial impact to the business owner. Many different influences bring business owners to this decision, including:
  • Worrisome exposure to business risks often aggravated by personal guarantee loans.
  • Tired of, or bored with the business.
  • Possible failure of the business if one or more owners become seriously ill or disabled.
  • Personal preference of the owners to retire or simply change their lifestyle.
  • Divorce or dissolution of partnership.
  • Owner’s desire to pursue other business interests which may be more challenging or less stressful.
  • Lack of sufficient working capital.
  • A need within the company for new skills, new resources, or a new philosophy to cope with ever changing economic forces, government regulations and competition.

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How much is the Business worth?

A business enterprise, like any asset, is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Buyers ask countless questions, but they are primarily concerned with a fair return on their total investment. In addition, prospective buyers make many judgments about market position, proprietary know-how, competitive strengths, quality of the assets, growth potential, and risks of the business. A professional business broker helps the business owner determine the true value of the business, and, more importantly, can help prospective buyers understand the reasons for such value and structure a sale that maximized the benefits of buyer and seller.

Is Confidentiality important?

Sound working relations with employees, customers, suppliers and bankers are important factors to a company. Any premature indication of a possible change in ownership could disrupt these relations and weaken the company’s competitive position. For these reasons, and many others, confidentiality is critically important at all stages. With the proper procedures, it is possible to minimize the risk of an untimely disclosure. In every transaction, there is an appropriate time to reveal that a sale may be imminent. Proper timing of these sensitive announcements can contribute to a smooth transaction and reinforce the buyer’s willingness to proceed to a closing. A professional business broker helps to insure that all information about the business is kept confidential throughout the entire selling process until it is appropriate to reveal that a sale is forthcoming. If you are a business SELLER, don’t wait any longer to hold a completely free confidential meeting with us. We will be very glad to help you!