List Your Franchise With Empire

The most efficient and economical way of marketing your Franchise.

This statement may sound a little daring. However, we can back up this argument because of the following reasons:

  • We constantly carry out marketing activities in order to attract investors.
  • We have listings of qualified investors.
  • We have physical presence in the cities / markets that your franchise wishes to penetrate.
  • We have information of the markets where we are located.
  • We can reach all the cities in which EMPIRE has offices at he same time. 

Some of the activities we carry out are:

  • Filtering of Buyers.
  • Presentation of the information of your franchise.
  • Delivery of the information to prospects.
  • Gathering of the marketing formats of your franchise properly filled out and signed by interested parties.
  • Relaying of the information of prospects to the Franchising Company.
  • Communications with the Franchise Directors to expand on the information on prospects.

Think on all the time, resources and money that you will save to find qualified prospects in so many cities at the same time!

The cost of our service limits itself to a small administrative fee of $995 which is later recuperated with the commission of the sale of the franchise. This means that the net cost to your Franchise for entry into the program is zero. Sound attractive?

Don’t wait any longer to register into our program. In case your Franchise wishes to be listed with our company, find out the steps to follow: 

Go to Steps to Follow to Register Your Franchise.