Franchise Your Business

The key to accelerated expansion of your business.

  • Do you have a successful business?
  • Does your business have an image and trademark that clearly identifies it?
  • Do you consider that your business has the possibility of being successful in other locations and cities?
  • The level of sales that your business has is large enough to be operated by a third party who will share there income with the Franchisor and still be a good business for them?
  • Do you consider that your business concept is duplicateable?

Franchise developments are created in order to transfer technology that includes the rights to use a certain trademark, initial training and continuous support to a franchised network. Typically, a well-rounded franchise development program includes the following elements:

  • Research and Planning Development 
  • Development of External Structure 
  • Test Marketing 
  • Marketing and Sales Development 
  • Intra-Structure Development 
  • System Implementation 
  • Initial Training
  • Ongoing support

Our Franchise Development Program is totally comprehensive:

We handle the initial development

  • Brochures 
  • Manuals 
  • FDD Documents 
  • Franchise agreements 
  • Promotional materials 

Through the final phases

  • Business Plan Development. 
  • Marketing. 
  • Local Advertising. 
  • Grand Opening assistance.
  • Master Franchise Sales.
  • Individual Unit Sales. 
  • Yes, We even assist you in actually selling your franchises.
  • Most people looking to franchise their business think it is simply a duplication of their current business, but after a few web searches, they quickly discover franchising has a necessary legal component. Franchising is not a simple duplication of current day-to-day operations.

    And if it is not apparent from the web searches, franchising requires complete development systems for selling franchises properly and franchise operations systems that include detailed real estate procurement and construction processes as well as initial launch and grand opening marketing, which dovetails into ongoing marketing and day-to-day operations.  The best process for franchising begins by assembling a quality team of professionals that combine with the expertise of the future franchisor. The combination of expertise and experience is how you develop a quality franchise system.

    By assembling a quality team, key decisions can be made ensuring experts in each area of development, so a quality franchise system is represented. By taking this approach, a pro-active franchise system can be developed creating a clean path to success, dynamic manageable growth, and heading off common franchising pitfalls.

    Combining forces:

    Future Franchisor

  • Industry knowledge
  • Day-to-day operating knowledge
  • Day-to-day management of the new franchise system
  • Competitive knowledge
  • Proprietary operating specifics


  • Legal Franchise expertise
  • FDD drafting
  • Legal compliance
  • State registrations

Consultant/Franchise Expert (Empire Business Brokers)

Strategic consulting on key decisions of the franchise set-up Legal Franchise expertise FDD drafting Legal compliance State registrations Industry knowledge

  • Industry and competitive review
  • Creation of the operations modules
  • Creation of the sales systems
  • Education of the new franchise ownership
  • Consultation with franchise legal counsel on drafting of the FDD
  • Ongoing consulting
  • Ongoing strategic planning
  • And Finally, we Assist you in actually selling your new franchises.