Business Valuation

Anyone who has ever purchased a new home knows that an independent appraisal report had to be produced to complete the sale. A business is many times more complex. The key to having a viable valuation performed on a business is to have it performed by an independent third-party service.

We strongly recommend that a comprehensive valuation report be conducted by Empire Corporate Headquarters. 

Without a third-party report, a business owner should be prepared for heavy negotiations because it will be your opinion of value versus a buyer’s opinion. 

Be wary of a business broker who prepares his own valuation report. A buyer will place no credibility in his opinion because he has a vested interest in obtaining a higher price than can be justified because it will increase his commission. A buyer will normally place no credibility in a value arrived at by the business owner’s accountant for the same reason.

Our National EMPIRE Business Brokers Offices, use the services of our Buffalo headquarters to perform this service. 

EMPIRE Business Brokers have consistently produced higher prices for our sellers, and smoother sales when a professional report is presented as part of the business offering package than similar businesses produced that did not have the benefit of a comprehensive valuation report. 

We strongly recommend that a comprehensive valuation report be included in the offering package of any business.

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