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We Are More Than Just A Broker!

With Over 40 Years Of Business Building.
We Help Add More Value!


What's The Value Of My Business?

Learn It's Worth In Today's Market!


Buying A Business?

There Are Things You Need To Know!


Selling A Business?

Get More Value with Empire Business Brokers!

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    It All Gets Started With A No Obligation Consultation!

    Businesses For Sale

    Franchised Vegan Restaurant

    • Hartford, Connecticut
    On Call

    Boutique Fitness Company

    • Fairfield County, Connecticut

    Irrigation Company

    • Fairfield County, Connecticut

    Franchised Vegan Restaurant – CA

    • San Francisco, California
    On Call

    Buying a business

    What does an Empire Business Broker offer you? Security, Financing and Confidentiality.

    At EMPIRE we concentrate on finding you a business that you like and feel comfortable operating. You as any other potential business buyer, have the vision of being your own boss and making your own decisions. A business should correspond to your vision so that you can be successful.

    Selling a business

    Should sell your business? That decision can often be a difficult one! Empire can help! 

    A business enterprise, like any asset, is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Buyers ask countless questions, but they are primarily concerned with a fair return on their total investment. In addition, prospective buyers make many judgments about the market position, proprietary know-how, competitive strengths, quality of the assets, growth potential, and risks of the business.

    Plan an Exit Strategy

    It’s never too early to make a plan for the future of your business. Empire will help you to create a strategy

    Anyone who has ever purchased a new home knows that an independent appraisal report had to be produced to complete the sale. A business is many times more complex. The key to having a viable valuation performed on a business is to have it performed by an independent third-party service.